Ok, so I’m pretty excited about the plan I’ve come up with for myself. It allows for my laziness, and features coloring, which I love.

I am using the Lose It! app on my iphone to count calories (in and out). When I start a new program, telling it my goal weight and current weight it gives me my calorie allotment and a projection of when I may have lost that weight by. I’m not a fool, I don’t really think that an app knows the future, but I’m using that day as a goal. That day is September 9th, 2015.

What makes my new plan different from the one I used a couple years ago, is the coloring. I have printed out a very special calendar for myself. It was annoying to make, but I think it will be worth it. It began as a table in word, with 12 rows and 31 columns per row. Each row is a month, each column is a number. I marked each box with a letter for the day of the week it fell on (that was what make it so annoying to create). I put a second table at the bottom, this one with just 6 rows and 4 columns, and make that into the legend. If I color a day green (my favorite color), that means I was perfect that day; I exercised and didn’t go over my calories. If I color a day blue, it means I didn’t go over my allotment, but didn’t get moving. If I color a day purple, it means I ate something dumb, but but burned the extra calories at the gym and thereby stayed under budget. Red means I went over my calorie allotment. Pink means it was an off day, such as a birthday or holiday. Bright green indicates a day of repentance, where I go under my calorie allotment to try and atone for my mistakes of the previous (or following) day.

I titled this masterpiece 340 DAYS OF CHANGE not because I like that title at all, but because the page badly needed a title to look complete. The implication is “340 days of change, a lifetime of benefit.” I don’t plan to slip back into what I am now, which is basically a gremlin that cowers in corners to hide the massive plate of pastries that I will finish all by myself, right now.  Once I’ve gotten healthy enough, I want to go with my husband when he goes for a run. I have no expectation that I will ever keep up or go as far, but we can start out together, and it will be nice. That is the bright future I envision for myself. In 340 days.

Back to the present.

I also looked up the Healthy Eating Plate, which is like the food pyramid or MyPlate, except from Harvard, “based on the most up-to-date nutrition research, and it is not influenced by the food industry or agriculture policy.” Basically it says that 1/2 your plate should be veggies and fruits, then 1/4 each of proteins and whole grains. On the side there is healthy plant oil of various types. So I took my calorie allotment, which is 1,759 per day, and divided it up to see how many calories that is for me in each category. I doubt if I’ll be religious about the plate, but It’s good to know what to shoot for.IMG_9924

I’m probably most excited about the coloring.


4 thoughts on “THE PLAN!

  1. hoping I don’t sound like a stalker but since I was chatting with you, thought I would give your blog a read. I love your plan – and love the colouring. Hoping I can follow your journey and keep a bit of accountability with each other. I also have 2 amazing pts that blog with me that I constantly harass with fitness (and mostly) food questions – so feel free to send any questions through and I’ll get them to give some advice 🙂 Happy losing!


  2. I love your plan!!!! First time I’ve had a chance to sit down and read it all! I’m feelin like I may have to make my own! You have inspired me! I’m also starting the Lose it! app today, as the app I was using on my Galaxy is kind of weirdly set up and I really like the other one!


    1. I think I put the doc into the post, if you want to use it too… It’s just a calendar, but I made it such that, to my eyes at least, it looks like not such a long time. Each month has one row


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