Days 8, 9 & 10, And I’m Feeling Good

First full week on lose it, and look at how I’m winning!

Monday, October 13th, and it’s my second full week of The Plan. My first week was great, and I did great…. I’m starting to notice slight irritation at having to log everything, but I’m doing it anyway, and hoping that eventually it will be automatic and I won’t think about it enough to be fatigued by it.


I’m being careful to reward myself generously. I went to the art store my 5 pound reward (now I’m down 8 pounds, so I’d better decide what is next, and it can’t be as pricey as the first reward!). I got paints, two brushes, paper, my favorite pens (pigma mircon, archival ink). Then I set out to render one of the celtic knots I love to doodle. I use graph paper to do the doodles, and since I drew the original knot small, I enlarged it in the printer, then used transfer paper to get it onto the watercolor paper. I went over the transfer in ink (archival ink. Woot.), but got impatient and started painting before I fully finished that step. between sketching it, inking it, and transferring it, I’d already drawn the thing 3 times, and was aching for color.

Duke Ellington. Traced

Why celtic knots? Because I find knotwork more forgiving than, say, figure drawing. I love to paint, but I’m not confident in my sketching skills. I basically stopped sketching in 8th grade when my sister came home from art college and told me that it’s ok to trace, and that the head of the illustration department at the time was known for tracing. So I started tracing, then found I couldn’t stop. I became deeply insecure about the imperfections that occur when I don’t trace. It’s possibly been as long as 10 years since I did a freehand sketch and liked it.  As a kid, my whole sense of self worth was tied up in my artistic skills, which therefore atrophied because I was too scared to fail.I need to practice. I’m thinking that an exercise that I need to do for myself is to sketch something and not allow myself to erase or start over. But I am terrified to try that. Anyway, I find knots relaxing because I make them up, mistakes are not obvious, and I can draw them on graph paper.

I went to the gym today with my friend, and I forgot my nano, which carries my audiobooks. So I used my phone to read blogs. I would like to thank all of you bloggers that I follow for giving me the shortest 30 minutes of elliptical I have ever experienced. I even commented on a few, though there may be some typos. Thank you to The Beautiful Basics , Michelle’s Health Journey , Write Don’t Eat , Love and Life In London , Randoms by a Random , ChaosAndSilence , A Large Girl’s Escape… , Charity , My Quest for Health , Chasing Faeries , Fat Girl Melting , and others.

Oils. Not traced
This was done around when I was 11 or 12 years old, the other two were sometime in high school. Traced

4 thoughts on “Days 8, 9 & 10, And I’m Feeling Good

  1. Practice practise practice! Tracing is great but nothing like the satisfaction of nailing proportions by eye, you can do it, I still stomp around in tantrums when free hand drawing goes wrong.

    Amazing progress on the weight loss, well done you!



      1. Something you love, portraits are tough, one tiny bit out and it’s all wrong. Don’t go for detail just concentrate on shade (just the dark areas) or the outline. Be loose with your blocking of shade and your lines.

        Have fun!

        Sketch fruit and birds and cats and chairs. (If it can move make sure you take a picture then sketch, stuff that moves is hard)


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