Wait what?

It’s day 11 and I’ve lost 11 pounds. I’m glad, but surprised. I didn’t think I was doing anything that extreme!

Lose it! now believes that I will achieve my goal by August 11th, nearly a month sooner than it originally estimated. I’m not goal to change the date that I hope to finish by, because I’m sure there will be plateaus and backslides. September 9th seems more reasonable to me.

What do you guys think? Is it too fast to main the losses, or is it just the “easy” to lose water weight dropping off?


4 thoughts on “Wait what?

  1. I believe setting goals helps us reach short term changes. Don’t set yourself a time frame or anything because a lot of people normally reach the date and either end up disappointed or end up not knowing where to go from there. Tackle your journey every day. One day at a time and once you get rid of the time frame, you’ll notice that every day swoops by so quickly and your extra weight will just seem to melt off! Take everyday as a new day to make better choices with what you eat and your excercise pattern. Treat this as your new lifestyle. Not a new diet 🙂 you’ve already achieved such greatness. Imagine what the next few months will bring. I know I’m excited to see 🙂 love your blog and I love your entries. Keep up the great work! I believe in you 🙂


  2. Actually, when you start to lose weight you are more likely to see it fall off in the beginning and then it will simmer out after about three weeks. Although, I was told I would only lose two pounds a week where I was losing four. Then I stopped working out and things changed for me. Your body will get used to it and then change the rate it will adapt. Just keep on keepin’ on and you will do great. It’s ok to have relapses. Just remember to keep going and that it’s ok to make a mistake.


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