Get running!

My husband is from Kenya. He’s not from the tribe that wins all the endurance races (he’s from Obama’s daddy’s tribe), but running seems to be something of a national pastime, or it is at least among the local expats. Anyway. He loves running. Right now he is very busy with school, so he hasn’t had a good run in many months…. Which means he’s probably lost some ground.

I’ve taken up attempting to run, starting Tuesday. My hope is that by the time he has time to seriously run again, I’ll be good enough to run along behind him without looking too pathetic. Maybe even run alongside him sometimes, although his aggressive encouragement might break me down. He has a hard time with words like “can’t.” Or maybe, by then, I’ll love to push myself, hard as that is to imagine.

So I have an app called “get running” that basically breaks the task of trying to start running down into more manageable pieces. Week 1 of get running is 8 one-minute runs, with a minute and a half of walking between each, plus warm up and cool down (more walking). On Tuesday, I couldn’t quite manage it. Yet.


Wednesday was awful, I was basically driving back and forth for the whole day, and for some reason lately driving has really been hurting my right leg. That is getting old real quick. I think my ankles are just stupid because of “over pronation.” Basically, when I step, instead of landing nicely, my ankle flops around like Raggedy Ann and I end up putting all my weight on the inside of my foot. If you do this, the soles of your shoes will wear down under the arches faster than the outside. I’m becoming ever more paranoid about my feet and ankles, so you might think this worry is hypochondria, but I know the over pronation thing is true because an expert said so some years back.

My husband tells me that I walk like a duck. After seeing my reaction to this, he tried to soften the blow with “I didn’t mean it in a bad way. Ducks are beautiful.” Nice save, darling. After that I was giggling to much to be sad about being told that I waddle like a duck.

Yesterday (Saturday) I completed all eight of the one minute runs prescribed by my “Get Running” app. I had to break it up a little, add in some extra walking and some time to sit and do ankle circles. I still feel I triumphed.IMG_3631 IMG_3630







The park I have chosen is a couple miles from home, so my husband decided to run to the park and meet me, which was nice. As predicted, he did try to convince me to do more than I felt I could, but I explained that I will build up over time. There is no need to make it hellish for myself. The app agrees with me. He watched my final minute run and pointed out that I’m doing something weird with my right leg/foot. Not surprising, since that’s the side that’s hurting. I wish I knew how to fix it.

I weighed myself this morning! 15 pounds down! It’s time for another treat… Still deciding. Thinking of going for beads…

Note the “days to goal” I love that feature, even though I know it can’t really tell the future. It gives me a sense of the struggle being finite.


In other news, Today I’m also starting the “21 day fix.” I was inspired to try this because it seems like I’ve seen a bunch of other bloggers happy with it. Hehe, I’m a blogger now. I don’t remember exactly who I saw talking about it, and it’s possible that it was always mentioned on the same blog, but if that was you, thanks. This looks very good to me. It seems like there is a lot of wisdom to glean here in the blogosphere, and reading other blogs has helped me immensely. So thank you all


6 thoughts on “Get running!

  1. Love your healthy mix of triumphs and things to work on. I don’t say it EVER (Because I’m a energy and universe type of girl) but I have a bad back, bad knees, and flat feet. I’m positive that a bad back and bad knees come from flat feet. When trying to become a runner it’s important to understand EVERYTHING starts with your feet. I’ve even noticed when my toe nails are freshly clipped I run longer. Finding the right shoe, even the right lace pattern (mine found in the image for SUPER SUNDAY) is VITAL! There is no one size fits but googling what lace patters are best for certain ailments usually render some good results. And, I don’t know how caring your husband is. But maybe tell him “honey, if you rub my feet I will run 2 minutes longer tomorrow” hahahaha


    1. Oh he’d do it, but it might not be worth it for me. He’s not a fan of seeing callouses, which I’m too lazy to get rid of. Probably it sounds fussy of him, but he has good reasons.

      That’s interesting about toenails. I’ve noticed his sort of curve over his toes, like little toe helmets, even though he keeps them short. I wonder if that helps him somehow.
      I hope your feet knees and back get better: here’s hopes, positive energy, prayers or whatever you choose to call it, to your lovely body


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