Here’s my situation. My nearby gym buddy is away for an unknown amount of time, so I have established a gym buddy relationship with a less convenient friend. At first I got the premium (“black card”) membership to my own usual gym, planet fitness, so that I could take her as a guest for free. Then, after about a week of that, it became evident that she needed to go to another gym.  In shape, to which she already had a membership, has a handy little room in which my friends’s children can be left, under the watchful gaze of an employee and amid other children and a play structure. So I talked to an employee, and found that I could somehow get a membership for $10 a month.

I decided to give it a try for the length of december, despite a weird sense of guilt that is hard to explain. But this gym is sly. They offered me what I believed was one free appointment with a personal trainer–to discuss my goals and give me a workout, so of course I said yes. What I actually got was a lesson on why it’s important to have a personal trainer. And it seems like the guy made a really good case. I felt I was in a whirl of desirable things made attainable, peppered with warnings of “plateaus” and “burning muscle” for the unguided gym goer. He spoke of motivation, accountability, structure and knowledge, all of which are apparently included in the personal trainer program. After my reeducation, I was given a workout to do, and he cleverly flattered me by telling me that I was “in beast mode” and that he could tell my “motivation was through the roof.” If was hard, but uplifting.

Then came the hard part. Would I sign up for 12 months? Suddenly I wanted to be gone, or to have someone else decide for me. I even called my husband and tried to wheedle a decision out of him. He said it was up to me. No help there. The guy told me that the nervousness I was feeling was normal, and that it’s because people are scared of change, and that he sees it all the time. I told the guy that I would decide by monday, which has since become tomorrow. I’m no closer to a decision. It is clearly stupid to have a premium membership to one gym and a personal trainer at the other. But I don’t want to cancel the membership to a convenient gym in favor of one that is 30 minutes away and on the other side of a toll bridge.

So, what do you think, are there other places to get motivation, accountability, structure and knowledge from other sources? Where do you get them? What do you do when you run out of steam, or beforehand to prevent yourself from running out of steam?


2 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. If I’m honest my steam is mostly always gone. I just tend to think “why go back when I time moves forward?” It may sound silly but for me I tend to get caught up with things in the past in all aspects of my life so I now try to move on from the past and focus on my next step – but never too far into the future because there isn’t a path already laid out for me – the excitement is I’m creating it.

    I may have just rambled on about pointless stuff here but I think that you can find that motivation by figuring out what means the most to you and by then setting up a mantra to get you there.


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