Running Shoes!

We went shoe shopping today. My mother agreed to get me running shoes for my birthday/christmas (my birthday is the 24th, so the presents aren’t always clearly delineated in my mind). My husband came along because he is good and kind.. Or possibly it was because he wanted to get socks. We went to Sports Authority.

Oh my goodness, there were so many shoes!

We found a sales associate, and I announced my intentions:

“I want to take up running. I need motion control running shoes because I overpronate.” Unspoken: find me miracle shoes. I need to feel as though the earth is a marshmallow under my feet. I need to feel as though my ankles couldn’t buckle if I tried. I need the stability of skyscraper foundations every time I set my foot on the ground. Make it so. Fix me.

And just like that, the shopping began! He brought in some arch supports, because my overpronation hasn’t killed my high arches, yet, And I started trying on shoes. It came down to two pairs, some electric blue asics, and some black and green shoes, the maker of which I have forgotten. My husband has asics and loves them, but the black and green ones were more strongly recommended by the sales guy.  I loved the asics while I was wearing them, and they were an attractive color, but once I got used to the snugger fit of the green and blacks, the sapphire shoes suddenly felt too loose. I fear wobbling. I don’t want to be able to blame my shoes if I run poorly. I picked the green and blacks. I want to run on my treadmill and see if I love them as much as I think I do. I will report back after.




They were Great! They had their Maiden Voyage on the treadmill and it was lovely. I am calling them the Happy Shoes, because of how excited I was to try running in them. I think I made the right call. My feet did fall asleep, but I think that has little to do with the shoes, it’s just something that happens to me. I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and did the last day of week one on Get Running. I breezed through it (it’s true, what my husband tells me, that running on a treadmill is less challenging than running outdoors. I will try to repeat the experiment outside tomorrow, or possibly I’ll just walk. I haven’t decided).


7 thoughts on “Running Shoes!

    1. I knew that I over pronate because my mom took me to see someone when I was in my teens (not sure what inspired this; maybe her own foot troubles). But there are other ways to figure it out. Over pronation means I tend to wobble in when I step. I wear out the soles of my shoes most quickly right under the arch and slightly towards the front. It causes the ankles to be positioned incorrectly and eventually collapses the arch. The opposite is subpronation and I know nothing about it. You can determine what kind of arch you have by wetting your feet and stepping on a paper towel and looking at the shape of the print you make.
      Basically Google on the theme of “what do I need in a running shoe” and you should find articles/posts about it. I read up on my problem. That’s how I knew to ask for motion control. If you go to a big sports shop with lots of shoes and knowledgeable salesfolk, you should be able to get help from them.
      Good luck!

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