Losing it again!

So, I’m seeing progress on the scale, and it feels great! I’m super psyched to see this continue. I’m not like I was in October though. In October I was cocky, and mysteriously not obsessed with junk food. I distinctly remember thinking “I wish I had a craving right now, so that I could resist it.” That is amongst the dumbest wishes I’ve ever considered.

My weight since the first time I used lose it a few years ago. Notice how whenever I’m entering my weight (and logging, etc) the number goes consistently down, but the times when I don’t weigh myself often (and don’t use the app) my weight goes up. I especially appreciate the dotted line, showing me my expected future, if I stick with what I’m doing. Down, down, down we go! When it’s time to stop, I’m sure I’ll know!

No, this time I have cravings. And I try to accommodate them, in a healthful way. I crave chocolate, so I make a wonderful smoothie of frozen cherries, banana, soy milk and unsweetened cocoa powder. I’ve been missing salt, but haven’t come up with a workaround for that yet. I’ve been enjoying bell peppers and brussels sprouts and kale. I’m trying not to use the seasoned rice vinegar I love, because it has both sugar and salt, and that’s hard, because that stuff is killer on veggies. I use lemon juice, or unseasoned rice vinegar. I’m eating mostly fruits and veggies now. Probably I ought to try and have more vegetables and a little less fruit, but as long as this is working, I’m doing what makes me happy.

I’ve noticed that I eat best if I plan the day’s meals out the night before, even though I don’t really do any prep at that time. Just knowing what to go for stops me from munching on things while deciding what to eat. And even if I do munch, as long as I munch veggies, it’s no big deal. I’d burst before going over my calories with celery. I do have to be careful with dates and avocados. I dragged out my rice cooker for making quinoa and steaming veggies at the same time. So easy! Why did I never try that before? It makes me feel so efficient. I’m also in love with the little tubes of “fresh” herb paste. Easy peasy way to get garlic, basil, “italian herbs,” dill, lemon grass, etc. into a lazy-time meal. I made my own super creamy salad dressing out of avocado, onion, garlic, italian herbs and balsamic vinegar.

I tried beets. I’ve concluded that they are beautiful to look at, but not something I want in my mouth. I’m trying jicama. So far the verdict is iffy. The taste is fine, nice even, but the after-texture (is that a thing?) is kind of starchy, like eating a potato raw. Was I supposed to cook before eating?? I’m curious to see if I could cook eggplant, but I’ve heard that the texture can be pretty awful if it’s done wrong.

Any recommendations? What else should I try? I keep forgetting about various kinds of vegetables, so even if you think I’ve already tried it, tell me your favorite vegetable! I want to keep my menu fresh and exciting.

I’m also making progress in the gym. I can now say I’ve jogged on the treadmill for 9 minutes (and that time I only stopped at 9 because I had to pee really badly). For me, that feels huge. I need to be more organized on the weight machines though. And I haven’t even tried the free weights! Plus I need to start getting into that habit of stretching. 

My weight since march 3rd. I’ve lost 5.8 pounds, mostly in the last week or two.
Rice cooker and steamer. I can get used to this.

7 thoughts on “Losing it again!

  1. I really like courgettes. I could happily eat it with everything 🙂 And completely agree with you – planning is the way forward. If I have a plan – I stick with it. I tend to plan all my meals in the morning, before leaving for work – it works for me. This way, I prepare my breakfast and lunch to take to work, and usually have something low cal planned for dinner 🙂 Take care and persevere xxx


  2. Jicama is nice if it’s peeled and boiled in slightly salted water (like a potato). I love it boiled with carrots and parsnips then I’ll mash everything together. It makes the most gorgeous root vegetable mash. To compensate for not using lots of butter and salt you can stir in onion powder, black pepper and a little (non dairy) milk before serving. I’d actually eat a bowl on it’s own for dinner but it’s equally as nice as a side dish.

    Egg plant is lovely made into a vegetable chili. You can cut it into cubes and use it instead of meat. Just roast some tomatoes, red peppers, garlic and chilli and blitz them down. Sauté some onions, mushrooms and eggplant and when they are soft add the tomato sauce and simmer for 30 minutes. You can add chilli, salt and black pepper to taste. You can pretty much add any vegetables. It’s a really healthy meal. 😊


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