I’m literally sitting in my car in the gym parking lot right now. And all I want to do is travel to the blogosphere. I’m beginning to suspect that I’m using reading about other people’s journeys to procrastinate. It’s a tough balance to strike, because I’m always motivated and glad I read, but turning here for motivation when I’m in a position to “just do it” may not make sense. 

Anyway, I’m just going to write down some goals for today’s gym time, then I go and do. 

1. Actually stretch. It will feel good and help

2. Remember to use the restroom before getting on the treadmill. I make this mistake all the time! Super lame.

3. Run 10 consecutive minutes, no matter how slow, walk 5 minutes and run another 2 minutes at least. Cool down.

4. Do weight machines: for chest, biceps, triceps, twisty ab machine, ab circuit, and something for my booty. 

5. Make notes on #4 so that I can be organized in trying to improve.

6. Update this blog with a review of how the gymming actually went!

Btw, bonus points for anyone who can comment within the next hour. I’d be immediately notified and feel very happy. Of course, I’m always happy for comments!


One hour later, and I feel great, if a bit sweaty. I think posting right before going in really motivated me to do more than I usually do. 

I was very pleased with my treadmill time. I walked 5 minutes, “ran” 10 minutes, walked 5 minutes at the same speed I had been running at, and half ran half walked 2 minutes before my cool down. 

Here are my notes on the weight machines

Biceps 30 lb x20

Triceps. 50 lb x30

Twisty 70 lb x20 per side
Ab circuit
Booty seated leg press 90 lb x30

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