It worked yesterday, maybe it will work again today

I put on eye makeup so I decided to take a selfie. Trying hard not to look like a vampire

I’ve printed out another Color in the Days sheet, updated to reflect the date and the new estimated end date (shown in blue). It’s kind of a lot of a drag to make, so if you want a copy, let me know and I’ll give it to you. I set it up to make it look like it’s not such a long time. Each month has one row. Every day I color in the color that reflects how my day went. This picture was taken before I finished the legend at the bottom, but you should get the point. I bought a clipboard/box thing to hold all my essential weight loss supplies, seen above. The pencil case is from grade school.

In other news, I made … a bit of an oopsie today. I found a can of Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream in the pantry. I don’t even remember why, but I opened it and found that it is think and creamy, like yogurt or ice cream, or possibly heaven. It’s also exactly as calorific as it sounds. I ate at least 800 calories worth, with honey.  I feel a little sick writing that. It was amazing, and stupid. And there’s more left, calling to me. I’ll use the rest sparingly, over the course of days, in other foods.

The thing is, I still have 448 calories left for the day, and I know I can make that work, PLUS I don’t see any reason why coconut would be off my menu, so I’m tempted not to feel too bad about my transgression. I’ll have to stop by the market though.


Since stating my intent on my blog worked so well the other day, I’m going to do that again. So prepare to hear what I intend to do at the gym, once I finish this post, and what I plan to get at the market, once I finish at the gym.

At the gym

1. STRETCH! I forgot yesterday, even though I wrote it down. Somehow when I get in there I just head for the treadmill without another thought.

2. Walk 5 minutes, “run” 10 minutes, no matter how slow, walk 5 minutes, run 2 minutes and cool down.

3. Do weight machines for: chest, abs, biceps, triceps, two for abs, inner thighs, outer thighs, booty.

4. Take notes on #3 for comparison.

5. Update this blog on how the gym went.

My big mistake of the day…. and I ate more than is shown here! coconut cream with honey: so good and yet so bad!

At the market

Buy: Kale, eggplant, herb paste tubes (garlic, ginger, basil), chopped onion, green grapes, bananas, frozen cherries if possible, black beans, exciting new tea, quinoa

Make for dinner:

Cook 4 cups of kale for a total of 40 calories. Add one bell pepper. Season with garlic, basil, ginger and unseasoned rice vinegar.


Update: so after writing the above, I went to my room to change, and to gather laundry to put in before leaving for the gym. I wound up taking a nap for an hour. So that’s lame. Luckily it’s not too late for me. This can still happen. 



So I got to the gym less than an hour before closing. I did my treadmill exactly as planned, but everything else sort of fell apart. I skipped stretching so that I’d have more time for other things. But I wasn’t organized about using the weight machines. I didn’t take notes, and I didn’t manage half of what I intended. 

All in all, pretty lame, especially given the eating snafu and the accidental nap. I didn’t even get the clothes in the wash because it was full. 

Disappointed in myself. But there is still tomorrow, and I’m still under my calorie allotment. Nothing irreparable has been done. Onward, to the market. This, at least, I won’t fail 

My very favorite spectator sport: My husband petting the family dog. It gets me every time. Too much cuteness, I had to share

6 thoughts on “It worked yesterday, maybe it will work again today

  1. There is nothing to be disappointed about. It sounds like despite your hiccups, you still went to the gym and ate within your caloric range, which is a heck of a lot better than most people are doing. I know when I have mistakes, they tumble into irreparable havoc, so I envy your day!


    1. Thank you, I needed some perspective. I was just so annoyed with myself for being foolish, I didn’t consider how much worse I would once have done (and back then I’d only feel a tiny bit bad)


  2. Everyone makes mistakes, your strength comes from pushing on, exactly as you did! Part of your journey through anything in life is being able to pick up with what you can, and you still went to the gym, you accept that it wasn’t ideal but made the most of it. A 5 minute jog is better than nothing, so a short hour at the gym will still have done you (and that coconut cream with honey) a lot of good. 🙂

    Oh, and I really (really) like the eye makeup!


  3. One “mistake” or even a couple of them DO NOT define your day or your journey.

    You still did incredibly well! Truly!

    You made it to the gym, and you worked out! This is 100x better than not going at all.

    You ate that coconut cream with honey, but you were still under your daily caloric count! Why feel guilty about that?!

    I think you’re awesome, and in my experience, it’s not necessarily about the big, massive changes. The little changes add up over time, and change will move in on a permanent basis when you take things slowly and gradually. ❤


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