A Crazy Idea is Taking Shape

What if I could make my weight loss journey/health improvement mission into my job? What if, instead of trying to juggle lack of health and lack of wealth, I could work on growing my health and wealth (whealth) together?

That’s my fantasy. I want to be forced to lose weight/stay healthy for money. That way, I don’t have to focus on too many things at once, which I’m terrible at. Let me know if you have any ideas how I can do that.

For now, I have two ideas. One is short term and couldn’t take the place of a job. The other is a ways away, and maybe a little bit crazy. Idea one: try DietBet. Idea two: become a personal trainer *record scratch*. Yeah, I’m thinking about becoming a personal trainer, yet I haven’t gotten myself under control fully.

Like I said, it would be a long time in the future, probably. I obviously have to study and train or whatever to get certified, and I’d have to get the in shape myself in order for anyone to want to hire me. That’s kind of the beauty of the plan though. If I make that my career goal, then I have to make my own fitness top priority, all the time, no excuses. And if I can do the studying now, I could immediately start applying the knowledge to myself!

The funny thing is, aside from being totally unfit at the moment, I think it could become a good fit for me. If I could find one, I’d love to go to a personal trainer who was once heavy, as I am now. I could really understand my clients. I’d want to have get togethers, to build community among clients with similar goals. We could have healthy potlucks! And an online support group?

I don’t know, maybe it’s a pie in the sky idea. I probably don’t have the gumption to make it work. But I thought I’d share my fantasy with you, because it’s a fun thought, and in case someone comments “actually that could work if you….”

What do you think? Am I getting way ahead of myself? I know other people who have lost significant weight have become trainers, but I think it seems like they usually come up with that idea later in the journey.


12 thoughts on “A Crazy Idea is Taking Shape

  1. I’ve actually thought of this myself lol. Personally, I think anything is possible. If you find a method that works and achieve your weight loss goals, why not share them (for a small fee lol) !! Good luck!


  2. This used to be a fantasy of mine: I was kidnapped and thrown/locked in a basement gym for a year given only the basic food and water needs. Now that is just crazy.

    Your dream on the other hand is not only realistic, it’s fantastic! I would never do DietBet because who needs all that stress. However working towards becoming a personal trainer would be awesome. The best time to start anything is TODAY. You’ll probably end up learning things along the way that will significantly affect your weight loss/fitness goals 🙂

    If you follow people on instagram you should follow this chick: https://instagram.com/ohtini/
    She lost 85lbs and just passed her personal trainer test this week.

    https://instagram.com/natashaxjade/ is my personal favorite cause she’s into fitness and cosplay which appeals to my nerdiness, but she’s also a previously obese gone personal trainer.

    If you really want to do something, you can. Just keep reminding yourself of your good qualities and determination! I still work on daily positive affirmations, and when I do them, I DO notice a boost in my confidence/self-worth.


  3. Personally I think this sounds like an amazing idea. If you’re dedicated and it’s something you enjoy doing I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s obvious you’re passionate about your own fitness and I’m sure it would translate in helping clients. Obviously anyone with the proper training and credentials can do that job, but it’s not the same as when someone has actually been in those shoes and knows how truly difficult it can be! Can’t wait to see future personal trainer you kicking butt and taking names!


    1. I’m getting a lot of discouragement from my family. They think it’s a waste of my college education, that I should put this idea on the back burner or do it part time. It means a lot to get support on here, otherwise the dream would have died by now

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      1. I would hate to say anything against those around you, but what good is a college degree if you aren’t happy with what you’re doing. Or if you know you will be happier doing something else. Besides, if your career as a personal trainer takes off-imagine starting a “legitimate” business with a budget and a plan and all those other bells and whistles. You’d have to put that college degree to work double time! Sometimes those closest to us have trouble being objective about our dreams, because they equate having a ‘stable job’ with being happy and that’s just not the case. I’m glad you have encouragement elsewhere. Don’t give up!


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