Showoff :)

Today, I spent more time with my husband than I usually get to. I joined him studying/doing home work at Starbucks. It was slightly torturous because I accidentally sat facing the yummies, but also nice because I got to be just a foot or two away from him during waking hours.

Later, we went to the gym. Now, my husband was very in shape when he had time, but lately he’s been devoted to study to the exclusion of other things. Also, he had hurt his leg in January, and was advised by his doctor friend to keep off the treadmill. He’s decided it’s healed enough now.

I decided to pick a treadmill right in front of his, so I could show off my new ability to actually run (jog? I’m not sure, is there a difference between running slowly and jogging?). He noticed, and was duly impressed! He had to leave a bit earlier than he would have liked (because he was out of form), and he told me later that he felt bad that he had to interrupt me when I was doing so well. I treasure that compliment. Unfortunately, he was to distracted by his own performance to properly gush over mine. 

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the friends I’ve made on here who chose to Facebook me. It’s been working out pretty much how I hoped… We support each other and chat about unrelated things, and it’s great fun. I’m excited about my weight loss schemes again, thanks to being able to share my struggles and share in someone else’s. 

That seems to be all I have to say at the moment. Happy losing! 


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