April can’t end soon enough…

….not that it was a terrible month, I just want the feeling of freshness a new month will bring. I’ll start my color in calendar yet again, and this time (like all the times before) I intend to stick with it. This time I’ll keep it in a different place, and hopefully that will make the difference. Sometimes it’s the small things. 

In other news, the class I’m supposed to be in right now was cancelled, leaving me in the city with a choice: go back and go to the (by now crowded) gym, go home or go to the French pastry shop. But Katrina, you might say, the answer is obvious! Go to the gym, you’ll be so happy you did afterwards! And you’d be right. Want to know what I did instead? You already know, if this weren’t something I’m prone to doing, I wouldn’t need to lose weight in the first place. 

I had four pastries and a sandwich. I had water too, but I’m hardly going to give myself points for choosing what is in all honesty my favorite drink. 

So that was super lame. I don’t do well with unexpected, I think. Maybe that’s just an excuse. I think I still have time to go to the gym, but I might not do too well with my over-full (of garbage) belly. I will try in a little while, when I feel less vomitous. 

So I think I need to plan things more carefully. Plan what to do when, when and what to eat, and what/how much to do at the gym. 


I saw the personal trainer on Sunday. Like I think I mentioned, he will be gone throaght May. He refused to give me an in the meantime workout (which I guess makes sense since I could probably have rolled with that for a while without needing to hire him), but gave me a detox plan. I feel silly, but I kind of do believe in it, even though I usually think of detoxes as sort of made up by the industry. This one is just using normal things, not things he’s trying to sell to me. So why would he lie about it? So I will do it. He gave me a fitness assessment that left me sore, so I think I’m going to really benefit from his workouts. And twelve times a month should do a lot for me! 

If I’m going to the gym, I’d better go, gross or not


4 thoughts on “April can’t end soon enough…

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. You fearlessly blogged about it here, which tells me you are accountable. Sometimes we just do things, and they don’t make sense. Make the next choice about food the best it can be, and build from there.


  2. I think we can all relate to this. There have been plenty of times where I’ve made decisions about food that just didn’t make sense and I’m sitting there afterwards thinking…what happened? But do try to not let it get you down because when we feel guilt and shame about poor decisions it will make it easier to make the same mistakes again. You’re holding yourself accountable and that’s a huge thing! Most people wouldn’t be this honest.

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    1. Thank you! I’d say I’m glad I’m not the only one, except I don’t actually want anyone to have to go through something so frustrating. I try (with varied success) not to keep feeling guilty into the next day. New day, new start!

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  3. I hear you about the freshness of the month! I’m looking forward to that too. I’m excited for you and your trainer, I love mine. He has really educated me about how to exercise. I hope you find it as helpful as I have found mine.


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