Training Montage

It’s been a while. I know I’ve missed you all more than you are likely to have missed me, since there are so many other wonderful blogs to keep you satisfied.

So I start with the big news of today: I had my first session with my personal trainer! I felt super clumsy, but I was extremely glad to have someone supervise me, to make sure I do things close to right. We started with jump rope, then he had me punch a punching bag.  At first he told me to go hit the bag as fast and as hard as I could. Quickly, he realized I had no idea what to do, so he showed me the correct form, and I practiced that, quite slowly.

You may be asking “Katrina, why would you film that?” Great question. I want to get some clips of me trying to exercise throughout my process, and then cut them together into a training montage. I would like to see something like that, but I can’t make someone else do it, so I decided I have to do it myself. I want something I can go to when I’m losing steam, that will make me feel excited about the possible-ness of losing weight. Montages are magical. I want to watch a video that is just a few minutes long, that makes me think, even just for a moment, that losing weight is a beautiful, almost fun process. I want someone to convince me of that long enough to get me started. I can’t have that, but maybe I can make that happen for someone else.

Also, some of you already read that I was toying with the idea of someday becoming a personal trainer. I’m still toying with that idea, and if I ever do act on that thought, I think the montage could come in very handy for promotional material and making myself relatable for the client. Apparently, I am sometimes capable of forethought.

I just filmed what I think will become the intro to the montage video, so you guys get a sneak peek. I didn’t really do much to make myself look good in this clip, because I figure it’s basically a just a before shot. So I’m rocking the Einstein-bedhead look, with the braid I slept in all messy. That’s my usual look, by the way. I have a very poor track record of self care. I believe strongly in self care, just apparently not for MYself. It just seems like a waste of effort to get all dolled up when I usually don’t even leave the house for more than an hour a day. Part of me believes that as I lose weight and–hopefully–gain self esteem, I might learn to present myself in a way that I am not ashamed of. The other part of me thinks I’m putting the cart before the horse. I’d be interested to know others’ thoughts on the matter.


On a lighter note, a special thing happened when I was having my personal training session today: I looked out the open door and who do you think was looking in? You will never guess, so I’ll just tell you. It was a peacock. Just a random peacock peeking through the door. He was walking down the street by the time I got my phone out, IMG_6112but I did get a picture of his retreating form. My trainer was as surprised to see the bird as I was, so apparently this is not a regular occurrence in the area. He–my trainer, not the bird–said that it must be good luck to see a peacock. It certainly felt lucky. Magical even. And very surreal. I can’t stress that enough. One minute my mind was all crunches, next minute, boom. Peacock. I’d say it was more magical than a rainbow.

I had a great training session, pushing harder than I ever would when I’m on my own. I kind of, sort of liked it, a little bit. At least during the session I had a sense of clarity of purpose, and felt I was headed in the right direction. I usually don’t get to feel that way.  Now I’m actually sore. I rarely work myself hard enough to get sore. And guess what? I go back for more tomorrow.

I meant to also tell you all about my mother in law and brother in law and how their visit went, but I’m getting sleepy and I’m ready to post this. Hopefully, I’ll eventually get around to it.


6 thoughts on “Training Montage

  1. I love this video idea 😀 I am so happy that you are finding motivation to train and put yourself out there! I wish you the best on your journey, and you will always have me here rooting for you!

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  2. I’m so glad to read about how well the training session went and that you were able to feel like your workout was more focused! I remember you telling me that was a concern for you. You sound so motivated! I hope it continues and only grows as you continue to work with your trainer! As always, thanks for sharing.

    Also…random peacock? That’s pretty magical.

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  3. Hi, lady!

    I apologize that it’s taken me so long to comment! I really wish I’d read this earlier!

    This is AWESOME and I am SO proud of you!

    I’m proud of you for getting a trainer, for having the courage to put it all out there, and for deciding to film the entirety of your process so that you can eventually help others in their own journeys—that’s amazing!

    I loved the videos—and let me tell you… That first way you were punching the bag? I’d DEFINITELY have liked to have been able to do that today to express some of my pent up frustration with the scale!

    Boxing seems like it’d be kind of fun! I knew a boy once who was big into kickboxing… He was overweight, actually, but he still gave it his all and said he enjoyed it! Maybe one day I will look into taking a class or meeting with a trainer. You and Brittany are my fitness inspirations… I need to be more like you gals and get my butt into a class or into the gym!

    Do you like working with a male trainer? I always imagined that I’d request a female trainer if I ever got around to going to the gym. I think I’d be really uncomfortable working with a man. Does he relate well to you?

    Also… VERY cool that you saw a peacock! I think it’s safe to say that’s definitely lucky! 😉

    I hope all went well with your in-laws! I’m looking forward to hearing more about that! ❤

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    1. I like working with a male trainer for $10 a session, that’s for sure. I think for me a lady might have been harder, given that skinny girls make me feel fat. I used to think I’d prefer a female trainer, but I think I might have been wrong. Skinny guys don’t bother me, in the same way that skinny dogs don’t bother me. I don’t go around comparing myself to greyhounds, or men. Women, I can’t help it. I guess I got used to being bigger than men when I was dating, even though I was smaller then than I am now. All in all, unless you’re very unlucky, I’d guess that a real trainer will be more understanding and pleasant to work with than the nightmare trainer you are likely to fear you could get stuck with.

      Punching the punching bag was fun, although it was more fun when I wasn’t trying to concentrate on doing it right lol. Probably it will be most fun if I ever get the form down enough for it to feel natural.


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