Are YOU Interested?

I had an idea, and I’d like you to be a part of it. Let’s plan (you, me, and other bloggers) to run achieve a 5k together. We would pick a date far enough in the future that there would be plenty of time to both train and save for travel/accommodation expenses. We kind, vibrant weight loss bloggers would have a grand time enjoying each other’s company.

 I was inspired by this episode of the Half Size Me podcast. Basically, a group of 12 people who had each lost a significant amount of weight decided to run a relay race together. They had never met in person before, but they had common ground and were a joyful team. Hearing them talk about how close they became in just a few days (after months of online communication), I started wishing to experience something like that.

 For me, the goal of being healthy and happy is not always enough to keep me inspired. I’m trying to lay a ground work of motivation that will last even during those times when I just can’t make myself care about myself. Being a part of a supportive group, working towards a common goal, would be so motivating to me. 

Think about this with me. During plateaus, when goal weight seems impossibly distant, we could still be working towards our race. We could be seeing improvement in our endurance, our speed, even when the scale just won’t budge. We could be comparing training strategies, favorite stretches, pre and post workout snacks/meals. We could rejoice in non-scale victories together, or help each other through rough patches. 

 I’ve already created the Facebook group. Please, consider joining it. It is nothing without you! Rachael  has expressed interest already. If she hadn’t, I would likely have kept this dream to myself forever. I really would like a group of at least 3 if possible. If it’s just me and one other person, I’ll feel worried that I’m not awesome enough to be worth the trip, and chances are I’ll get too shy to be my proper self. Having more people takes the pressure off of each individual. 

There will be a lot of “get to know each other” sorts of questions on the facebook page, and possibly group calls or group video calls as well. 

 And we wouldn’t just run, then go our separate ways! We would make time to do something social together, maybe wearing clothes that make us feel beautiful, and take lots of selfies together, laughing and talking and enjoying ourselves. If we had access to a kitchen, we could teach each other healthy recipes. I don’t know, anything is possible. In the comments below, feel free to let me know what you would find awesome! 

 So please consider my invitation! There’s no commitment unless you want to commit.  Don’t worry if you’re “not a runner” or if you have more weight than you can imagine running with. You are exactly who I want!


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